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Re: Range of Motion
May 19, 2009
Do you mean you had your TKR on 4/21. It's not yet 5/21.

Anyhow, a couple of suggestions. When you use your CPM, try starting it slowly and at a low angle they slowly increase the angle and speed every 10-15 minutes. I found this better than leaving at one setting.

Second, don't sweat the 90*. I was only 85* at 3 weeks post op but by 10 weeks was at 115*. I just had more swelling than most and you may have too. Although you are trying to bend it when you sit, don't. Keep it elevated to get the swelling down. And keep the cold going as much as you can without damaging your skin. You need to get the internal swelling down so you can bend it.

TKR's take a long time to heal....a good 1-2 YEARS. They don't tell you that until after wards. The pulling you feel is normal....they split the muscle that covers your thigh in half. It's not the scar outside you're feeling but the scar inside. That's why all the prevent adhesions from stopping your ability to move the knee. You are literally breaking up scar tissue each time you bend it. And that makes it swell.

You seem to me to be doing okay although a little behind on the angles. But those are only goals and many never get there when they're supposed to. But you will eventually.

I've had my knees for 10 years and they are great. You'll love the results when you finally heal all the way.

gentle hugs..........Jenny

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