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I originally posted this because the pain in my knee returned rather badly last night, but it still didn't last long. It just hurt when I put pressure on it, which was something new. The knee pain is a relatively new pain, as for the last few years I have had bone pain, and quite possibly muscle pain but I don't have a good memory and can't really remember that much, but have thought nothing of it, and learnt to ignore it.

At work today the pain returned in the bones in my right arm (Ulna I think...the outside bone?). After I got home the pain returned to my right arm, and fingers. When the pain gets bad, it doesn't actually feel like its in my bone, it just feels like my whole forearm hurts. I didn't tell my doctor about the other pain when I went to see him about my knee, as I said, the knee pain was new.

So maybe its just more than knee pain, and i should have posted this in a different thread :)

And I will try to tell mum its not growing pains, but she is a rather hard person to convince of anything after her mind is made up :(

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