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[QUOTE=kkray;4002210]Yes, I'm 18 yrs old ...I live in Pikeville, kentucky ... I found out I had a A Tumor on my left hip was grown in the bone ...My hip was ready to collapse and I didn't no about it .... They put me on cruches before my surgery ....They said it was the size of a grape fruit ...I had this surgery in 2005 ...Nashville (vanderbuilt University) is the only place that could take care of it ....7-9 hours away from me ...A far drive ....Im to young to worrie ...and that's all I do now days ....Im sooo scared ....I dont care about the pain I have ...I can take pain ...Im juss scared its going to kill me or something ....I have pain in the hip, all down my leg to the knee ...which people tells me theres nothing I should worrie about, that I will always have problems out of it no matter what ...that its arthritis ....and inflammation ....but I don't really no .. If anyone knows anything about this surgery...please reply me back ...I wanna no if im ok ....hopefully soon when I get the money ...I can get back down there..and follow up ....Thanks alot :)[/QUOTE]

Dear "kkray",
I am new to this website, and just read your post here. How are you today? How did it go? I strongly suggest that you go to the ER and let the doctors there take care of you. They will see to it that you get the right doctor to fix your problem.
Hope you can report back here how you are. Best of luck to you.

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