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My hip was done May 22, 09, so little over a year ago.
Same pattern with me, cane only in two days, up and down stairs at rehab.

I did have some mild limping into 6 months...then I started on my recumbent bike. I now walk (and could run, but I don't) as I did when I was playing tennis some 6 years ago or so. I am 67 years old. I also walk 2-3 miles at time, fast paced.

Doc said at some point I might need other hip replaced since I had pain in that one as well, and in my back (herniated and stenosed lumbar and sacral discs on MRI in 07 before hip replacement. When I had the bad hip replaced, gradually, the pain in back and other hip disappeared.

One needs to not just do rehab and stop, though. I continued all of the stretching and resistance exercises at home after PT was done and I still do them. Soon I will join the gym again and add in to my biking and walking, the weight training I used to do.

I really don't think about my restrictions. Some people say they sleep with pillow between their legs forever. Doc said 3 to 4 months and then get rid of it, unless I sleep better with it there.

So...I bend, stretch, walk, bike and do resistance training.

Can't stress this part of rehab as a life-long protocol enough.


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