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My husband hurt his knee a couple weeks ago, not sure how though as he still doesn't know what he did. Anyway it seems to be getting worse, he will not go to the doctor nor will he take any pain medicine. He is extreamly scared of having to have surgery, heck he won't strp foot in a doctors office. He nearly lost his father due to malpractice.

Anyway to describe what is going on. The pain started a couple weeks ago and he said it felt like a grenade blew up inside his knee to where he could not stand for a good day. He went to work and said he was fine when he was sitting down or when he wasn't putting any pressure on it. But once he started walking the pain would get worse and worse the farther he went. The pain seemed to go up through his leg into his hip. His boss ended up sending him home which he was embarassed about. We went through this for a couple days to where I bought a knee brace for him. At first he said it was helping but I was unsure, he then started waking up with knee pain but he still won't go to the doctor or take a simple advil.

He says the pain starts on the outside of the knee near the fibula. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, it will really ease my mind.


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