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Me too....I had a THR 7 weeks ago and have the "nagging discomfort in my groin" (perfect description!). I was told that the hip flexor has a lot to deal with, and this pain is par for the recovery, and it will "dissipate" over time, 6 months or more??

My main concern is that I had a very similar groin pain BEFORE the THR, and was the primary reason I even had the THR (chronic bursitis and tendonitis due to deformed bones and tears), so now I ruminate over whether today's pain is "old pain in a new skin", or just recovery taking place. The doc did say to lay off PT on that area if it hurts, and that it should ease up. If not, he suggested a steroid injection in 30 days.

Good luck to you fellow "groiners". I concur on the ice advice.

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