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My advice, if money is not an issue, is to seek a Chiropractic office that offers massage as well. The combination of the combined treatments will really help you out. If money is an issue, you may want to opt out on a massage therapist, as that is most likely not going to be covered by insurance. By the way a chiropractor who also does deep tissue muscle work will be able to treat the Brusitis of the shoulder, hip pain, as well as most other joint, bone, or muscle pain you may have. Also, please understand that somtimes hip pain can actually be caused by a missaligned spine, or some other back pain that you may not even notice. Often if you fix the back, the hip will be fixed as well. This may not be true for degenerative (SP?) bone disseases, or a cartalige (SP?) problem, but if you are unaware of the exact hip diagnosis, chiropractic care may really help you out. Just some things to consider, hope this helps.

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