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Hi everyone!

I am having a scope and lateral release done on my right knee next Tuesday (9/29). I had this surgery done last year on my left knee. I had that surgery three years after I was diagnosed.

This time things happened more quickly. I sprained my right MCL in April when I missed a step and fell directly onto my knee. I think it was a grade 2 sprain. By the end of April, the surgeon had diagnosed me with plica syndrome. At the end of May, my knee wasn't better, so he sent me for an MRI. The radiologist said that I had a grade 1 sprain of the MCL and some bursitis. After looking at the scans, my surgeon said that he agreed about the MCL and the swelling, but he also said that my kneecap was subluxing and that my medial meniscus had some changes in it. He said that it looked like Jello. At the end of July, there was a lot of grinding in my knee, so he said he wanted to see me in a month. Two weeks after that appointment, my knee popped when I stood up after I had been sitting at my computer. It instantly gave out. I sucked it up and waited two more weeks to tell the doctor about it. He thoroughly examined both knees. When he pushed on my shin while he was straightening my leg, my knee was very painful. The doctor noticed that my knee also gave out while he was doing it.

Since that day, I have not been able to straighten my leg without being in extreme pain. If I do straighten it, it looks like part of my knee is collapsing into itself. What could this new problem be?
I have had all the problems that you had said besides the new one. Usually, when I am going though knee problems and surgeries, I can not bend me knee, so it sounds weird to me. I'm not sure, but I'd go to Ortho again.

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