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Hi fellow hipsters:

My 85 year old brother in law was having leg pains that sounded like he needed a hip replacement/s. I am very enthusiatic about my hip surgeon :angel:, so Jimmy consulted him yesterday. Surgeon immediately had x-rays taken of both legs, and wonder of wonders. the result was that Jimmy's bones are very strong and he does not need hip replacement! Such good newsl
What has caused the terrible pains is that his left leg is about 3/4 of an inch shorter than his right leg. Solution - surgeon gave him a couple of lifts for his shoe and said he could buy more at a drugstore. :D Jimmy also was given a cortisone shot for bursitis in that painful leg, and told him he would give him another one in December before they leave for their annual 6 month stay in Florida. Also told Jimmy he could go ahead and go duck hunting as planned.

I am reporting this to show all that x-rays can reveal whether one has hip problems or not.

Jimmy's wife sat in on the consultation and she reported that she has always noticed that Jimmy leaned to the left when he walked.

Shirley H.

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