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Hi Alyssa...I'm Jenny and I've had 14 knee surgeries so if it's happened to a knee, I've had it.

First, are you aware of what Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is? You said you had it but perhaps you don't understand that once you have it, you may have it until the problem is fixed. Although it isn't completely understood, it is believed to be pain from your kneecap not tracking in the proper place in your knee. There is a groove that it should be tracking in and when it is loose or being pulled to the wrong side, it pulls the kneecap out of the groove and you get pain. If that is what is causing your case of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome than it might not go away until it is fixed and put in the right place.

The rest of your symptoms sound like more tendinitis and that would go along with the kneecap being out of place and rubbing the wrong areas. Even the pop you hear in your hip may be the involved as the hip muscles can pull the kneecap out of alignment and it may be a simple case of you being born with a muscle slightly out of place.

I'd go see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees. A simple brace that holds your kneecap in place along with some exercises to strengthen your leg muscles may do the job but an ortho would need to make that call. It can be cured with surgery but that is a last resort.

So please see an orthopedist. This will only get worse with time if you don't.

gentle hugs.................Jenny

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