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Hello everyone,

In the past year, I've noticed that as I go down stairs or squat, my knees make a noise almost like what it sounds to break a piece of celery in half (I'm trying to describe it, okay?) Maybe it's that there's no cartilage to keep the bones from rubbing? I am not a sports player, but one possibility, which I'm hoping you can clarify, is that my weight (210 lbs, 5'6, female) is too much for my knees to handle. Another thing is that a friend of mine who is 29 says that as you get older, you start to fall apart, and she's much lighter than I am. Her knees don't make as much noise, but she didn't seem surprised to hear the noise. My aunt says that she had knee issues too, but my aunt is overweight like I am and also she hasn't had to have knee surgery. It's not causing me any pain, it's just a really off-putting sound and I'm not sure if it's a red flag or not. I don't have a history of knee surgery in my family, just my grandmother, but we all have bulky legs like her on the maternal side. And now that I think of it my moms knee might crack too but no one in the family has seemed to find this to be a red flag issue.

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