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hi everyone, i'm a server, 63 years of age. i have problems with my hip and i know i'm in store for thr. how do i know when to have it done? right now working dosn't bother me too much. every now and then, depending on how i stand, it kinda feels like it will give out - maybe for just a second, then it's ok again. my worst time is laying in bed. it's not unbearable, but no fun either. i can't lay without a pillow between my legs or under my right leg. sometimes it bothers me when i sit on a hard chair as well.

i've been reading some of the stories and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't concerned. i had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago that i'm thinking was a piece of cake compared to this type of surgery.

i guess i'm wondering how long i can go prolonging the surgery? will things get worse than just pain and discomfort at night?

i was told there is no cushioning at the hip joint anymore so how bad can it get?????

also, i'm concerned about recovery time. like i said, i'm a server at red lobster and i would hate to NOT be able to return to work. if everything would go great, what recoup time would i be looking at? do you do the therapy (exercises, etc.) at home or must you go to the therapy place? i remember with my shoulder i had to go 2-3 x's/week. then i could drive tho.

so many questions that you guys, with the experience, can answer rather than the doctor.

thanks in advance for any input you can give me.


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