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Hi Lucy:
The exercises I did before my first hip replacement were in the large booklet the hospital sent me about a month before my replacement. Large manual with so much information. These were simple on -the- bed leg exercises:- here's how to do them:

1. lie on bed with legs straight out: press back of knee to the mattress, hold for 3 seconds repeat this for a set of 15. (press hard)

2. Press heel down on mattress, hold for 3 seconds, repeat this for a set of 15

3. squeeze buttock, hold for 3 seconds, repeat this for a set of 15.

4. with leg straight, raise foot up on heel, return foot to mattress. Do this 15 times for a set. Do this with vigor. It us called heel or foot pumps and stimulates your leg circulation helping avoid blood clots

I did these several times a day and my thighs were so strong when I went for the hip replacement. I have always done a lot of walking, and so do you in your job, so you may already have strong thighs. Put your hand on your thigh while doing these and you can feel the thigh muscle working. Do these exercises with both legs, one at a time.
These exercises couldn't be simpler and they are so effeftive.l The rehab center I was sent to had us do these same leg exercises and they had professional Physical Therapists. Incidentally, I was in my 70s when I had my hip replacements!

Please do these exercises! You will be glad you did.

Shirley H.

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