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I had my TKR on August 24th and I am still not walking real good. I start off in the mornings ok but at end of busy day seems I'm dragging my leg. Doesn't hurt but I use ice because my leg is still swelling. Is this a concern? I'm worried I'm going to limp forever. I do work out at the gym riding bicycle.
I'm back to my normal activities but still get very tired and find myself not walking normal because my knee feels so tight?

I feel this way too, although I am behind you little. (Oct 13). My surgeon said it takes a long time for the swelling to go away. I have talked with others at PT who are several months post op and they say they get the swelling especially at night too, which is why they continue to come and use the gym machines to keep their knees moving. So from what I have heard, this is a common complaint and just part of the long healing process.
When you all talk about your legs swelling, exactly where on your leg? More than your knee? How much swelling? I have stiffness issues (6 weeks PO - Oct. 21), but I don't seem to notice swelling. My leg doesn't seem to change in size, but I have fat legs, so I'm not sure. Everytime I read about someone having swelling, I wonder if I have it. I do have good ROM at 128. But my leg always feels stiff. Massaging my knee/scar sure helps.
My surgeon also assured me the swelling was normal and could last up to a year..year and a half. I had my surgery on Sept. 21 and I am still doing physical therapy. I will be finishing last week and I will be continuing at the gym. The quad exercises and strengthening is crucial for recovery. I have no limp when I walk. Strengthening is sooooo important!
I find that my knee is noticably more swollen in the morning, than my non operative knee. Both legs are about the same size -- swelling/wise. But at night the swelling is more noticeable in the TKR knee. Gravity is the cause, but I think the lymphatic system is still not back to normal in that leg. I have sturdy legs and am big boned. but the difference between the two legs is apparent.
I agree that continued therapy is best. My PT says I do a lot of the "wrong" things that I think are helping me instead of the "good" things that will. I seem to just so busy and don't take the time to do the simple PT exercises I should. I think walking and being active will get me back to normal and apparently that's not the case. Feel the swelling is normal now and Lord knows for how long. What about the wrapping of my leg to keep swelling down? Think it helps or not?

I developed bursitis in my new knee after three months of doing really well. I have continued to have issues with swelling in my leg - especially the lower leg - ever since. I have been using a tubigrip bandage from mid calf to lower thigh and I find this helps. I do go some days without it (especially as it is getting very hot here now as it is summer) but if I am going to be on my feet all day I need it. My specialist also said it takes up to 2 years to heal fully and that swelling is common and normal, but will go in time. I do use an exercycle daily to help with my muscle strength and joint mobility as well as still doing some static exercises. I had my TKR in March.
WHy don't you go online and read about some exercises you can do? Also would highly recommend you get an exercise bike asap and start using it. I started by trying to complete a circle backwards, without any tension, and then once could do that moved to going forwards. My bike is my best friend and after 9 months I still use it every day to help with my movement and to ease swelling, stiffness etc. I would also suggest you read the TKR recovery thread that was closed - it has a lot of really helpful information from others who have had a TKR

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