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[QUOTE=Frannyia;4154485]I had my second knee on Dec 16. The other was Dec 15, '08. I was lucky and am lucky this time also and rehab went very well. I attribute this to beginning therapy at the hospital and continuing at least twice a day thereafter. Everyone is different and so is every knee. Stretching, icing, and working through the discomfort are important.

Last year, one of the best part of therapy was the warm water therapy pool. I did about 2 weeks of that before going back to the classroom last year (5.5 weeks after surgery). After that I was able to go workout in the pool at least twice a week, doing my own therapy for about 3 more months.

I am walking without walker or cane. When going outside in the snow, I will continue to take the walker for stability for a few more weeks. I also am doing stairs using the handrails.

Good luck to you. Don't be afraid to take your pain meds, just don't overdo them.

I really hate the pain meds. I really don't see how anyone could get addicted to them. Did you have a excessive amount of fluid on your knee? Sometimes it swells with fluid, mainly on the right side, and the only thing that helps is ice. How long does this last? Are you on any anti-inflammatory drugs? Aleve, celebrex, etc. After doing the blood thinning shots for 21 days, (my husband was the shot giver, and he was shaking with every shot. Thank God they're over!), I wonder if I should take an anti-inflammatory drug. I called my on call doctor today with no answer.

I walked about a mile yesterday with my sweet dog, and my hip and back are screaming at me today. Is it normal to have such hip pain? Please don't tell me I may need hip replacement!


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