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[QUOTE=mtb1218;4169964]I'm now 3 months post Tkr. After a month my doctor would not give me any more pain meds. Ibuprofen and Tylenol just don't cut it. As of a week ago I still wasn't sleeping so my regular doctor finally gave me some sleeping meds. FINALLY a good night sleep which is now helping with the healing process. PT finished the end of December. Now I'm working out independently 4 times a week. Full body workout. One day Yoga, 3 days walking and weight lifting. I had to go to a chiro to get my hip back in alignment which has really helped. Now it is only my knee that hurts. I still don't have any feeling on the outside of my knee. Hope that comes back some day. I'm now just taking it one day at a time and happy my knee doesn't hurt quite as bad as before surgery. Good luck to everyone who is on this journey.[/QUOTE]

Three months here too.. as of the 15th. No more therapy for me either.. for what she was doing I can do at home... really really didn't like her. I had my ACL repaired years ago and that PT was brutal.. the therapist really really worked you.. watched everything you did.. this one.. when I got there she said ride the bike for 10 mins. then she would give me some papers with the same exercises that they gave me when I came home from the hospital.. I would do those on my own.. she never even came in the room to see what I was doing.. then she would come in and massage my scar for like five mins. then I would do ice and stim.. (which I also have a stim machine to use at home).. so why go.. I have a gym where I live.. so I have access to a bike.. why should I pay a $30.00 copay for her to do nothing.. it was worthless IMO... granted in the beginning yes.. but I'm doing the same thing I was when I came home from the hospital. Done venting.. but I want to start doing some weight stuff as the only issue I really have is strengthening the knee.. I can walk up stairs really well foot over foot but still need to hold the railing with one hand..

I really need to start making a better effort though at exercising on a daily or every other day basis... the only thing I notice is when I sit too long it's killer getting going.. especially like at work.. or when I get up in the morning.

Sorry about your meds... mine said if I need them he will be more than happy to give them to me because he knows nights are the worst.. so he gives me 50 darvocets at a time.. last time I got them was Dec. 24th and I still have many left... but they are nice to have for those horrible days.

Hope you do well.. we all have our little grrrr's about this surgery but I think six months from now we will all be happy.

So glad to hear how others are doing.. sometimes I think I'm just be paranoid.
That was a great post and so true. It makes me feel better I am not just making this up and feeling sorry for myself. I am used to being active and moving around quickly and now here I am after six months still complaining.
I had a difficult time with appetite -- had none and if food wasn't placed in front of me I probably would not eat. That was something new for me. I lost several pounds and to the point that it was noticed and I looked haggard. No one in my entire life had told me I looked too thin, I'm usually fighting the weight as I gain easily and am not tall. Not a large eater, but love sweets at night. Well, the appetite finally came back and I am now where I shoud be and hope not to gain. Had my daughters not come into town and did a lot of cooking and freezing in small containers for me I probably would not have eaten at all. While they were here they just put food in front of me and said - EAT. I did. Thank goodness for daughters.
I'm still not comfortable and stairs are difficult going down on the good leg. Luckily I have a ranch home with the washer and dryer upstairs so I need to go to the basement just to use the treadmill which I try to do at least once a day if only for a half mile. I go to the gym to use the incumbent bike almost every day and ride for a half hour. Bending the knee is pure torture for me, but I try to do it. I would like to have more out patient therapy, but one session can be almost $200. and I'm not prepared for that. I can do the exercises on my own other than the bending very well. I can get to 120 on my own with difficulty and 130 with the PT doing it. He claims that is as far as I will ever go.
I did as someone suggested and Googled Bogs looking for a live chat. So far no response and I don't think there is such a thing available any longer. Whoever suggested this - thank you for thinking of it. I never use Bogs so would not have thought of it. Should I ever come acrosss anything similar I will try to post what info they will allow on here.
Thank you all for any info you have and pass on.
I do have one odd thing. In the past I have been a BIG reader of books. I'm finding that I cannot concentrate long enough to read a book. I have read only one all of this time and that was because my nephew brought it to me while I was in rehab and wanted a report. I did read that and that has been it. I can glance through a magazine and do crossword puzzles, but cannot get back what used to be one of my favorite past times. I have a friend who is also a big reader and said after her hip surgery replacement she couldn't read for a year. I have no clue why that is. I'm going to try taking a book with me while I'm on the bike as that is so boring since I'm not interested in watching the TVs or listening to music.

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