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I'm so sorry for your problems. Some of the things I did were kinda silly, but they helped me. I put on up tempo (disco) music and did a lot of marching in place. I would then go to the stair case, and walk up and down the first step like I used to do in step classes. I can't help but think the clicking, which I have from time to time, is scar tissue. When I have the clicking, I get in a warm tub with aches and pains bath salts, Wal-Mart has a really good selection or buy epson salts and just add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and massage oil and do lots of knee to nose bends. After a few moments, the clicking goes away for me.

I have been told by my Doctor, who jokingly likes to tell me he's the reason I'm doing so well, that all the exercise I'm doing is the reason for my speedy recovery.

Keep trying as hard as possible to move the knee and know there will be pain. I have talked to people who were still having clicking pain after a year. This surgery is the worst I've ever had. I also like to "what if" at times. What if this surgery was not available to me and I had to suffer like my grandmother did? She would have a hoe in one hand and lean on a crutch with the other because she loved her garden so much. At night her knees would be the size of cantaloupes with no relief in sight.

I'll be thinking of you,

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