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Greetings from Alaska ~ So great to read of everyone's accomplishments & not feel so alone when I'm experiencing the same setbacks. I had my 6 week check-up last Tuesday at the 10 week mark! A month ago I could not have flown in a small plane & do those rickety stairs. My BiLat TKR was done in Anchorage which is 225 road miles from here & 117 as the eagle flies in what feels like a mini-van with wings! But my good news is the surgeon was really pleased with my progress. I too took my cane but did not need to use it and I had some fairly long walks in the airport & even on the medical campus between buildings. Went up to the surgical floor & saw a lot of the crew who took care of me. I must look much better w/o bed head & wearing street clothes! And not crying! I was able to walk down the hall & do a pirouette and when I came to the practice stairs that truly defeated me on days 2 & 3 in Dec. I went up foot over foot and really didn't mind that my descending was not very smooth! It was a super visit as I really could not imagine I'd be here (0 ext, 128-130 flex) 2 months later. They were the nicest group of people & I just sent a letter to their boss and cc'd to others at the hospital admin. My surgeon was excellent but the support staff are amazing special people. As are you all --

But then I woke up the next day ....... oh how sore my legs were OW OW OW. I tried my home exercises (OW OW) I had iceman'd & elevated throughout the night but push came to shove & I took two pain pills.

Which brings to this point -- I sooooo appreciate hearing that many of you still need something stronger than OTC tylenol or ibuprofen because the "break through pain" is absolutely the worst. The first month I lived by the pill bottle & my watch! Second month not as much. But at this checkup and even at PT the other day -- I was advised to get a stronger anti-inflammatory and that I really should not be needing narcotics . Well - yeah -- I wish that were so but when I'm in that much hurt I can't push through the pain. Somedays I do and it's like I never had the surgery. It hurts to move like it use to & I might not exercise for a couple of days because of it. I know some days that I have done to much to soon - once I've stretched & warmed up I really feel invincible! But am learning to pace myself. I went to my family practicioner and she was comfortable with a limited prescription of the hydrocodone. She said surgeons often leave the pain management up to the personal physician and not to take it personally that I still need something stronger. She was really sweet -- hello - you had 2 knees replaced! Like everyone says on these boards -- it does get better & I've seen proof of that in me, too.

Like dinojen - I get cramps too and ankle pumps & knee slides have helped me. The PT is talking about customized compression hose as my legs seem to have sprouted bumpy varicose veins and do feel very tired. I am heavy but am working out at Curves 2-3 times a week (very slow & careful with certain exercises - like I was in the beginning 3 years ago - I've dropped to the weight I was when I quit working out last summer and also lost some inches so that is encouraging), take slow almost daily walks with hubby & the dog (about 20 -30 minutes - chanting heel-toe heel-toe .... relax the shoulders ... bend the knees ..... swing the arms .....!)

Well - I am off to town & the library, post office, Curves. PS: my balance is not very good. At PT they have some machine that I stand on like a human joystick & move the cursor on the screen to different boxes or tracing circles. I've been walking on uneven surfaces -- kind of like gel filled circle things. I've been so focused on walking and flexing that I forget about balancing and scar care. Has anyone else had problems with that? If I got stopped for a routine check I'd fail a sobriety test (EDITED TEXT: not because I drink & drive I have strict standards about that and I won't while I'm on pain pills either) -- I can't stand on one leg very long if at all - much less shut my eyes & touch my nose. It's getting better with practice but it really surprised me as I took it for granted before the surgery.

Thanks for reading -- Keep getting weller & weller. I look forward to chatting with you again. Thank you soooo much for being here!
[QUOTE=mzfitz40;4207974]I am at 6 weeks and having difficulty getting past 88 degrees. I have a tightness over my knee cap and the patellar tendon is still very thick. I still have swelling in my thigh above the knee as well. I have the feeling that my ham string is very tight behind my knee. It is drawn taunt and I can feel it protruding out the back of my knee. My other knee is not like that. When bending the knee I have pain in the back of my knee as well as to the inner front side of my knee cap. My therapist thinks I need to push past the pain. Besides the fear of doing damage to the knee from screaming my lungs out, how does on do that? I've been prescribed Darvocet which does nothing for the pain experienced in PT.

I see my surgeon this week and am wondering if manipulation is the thing I need to get past this point. I am afraid it will get worse the longer I wait.
Have any of you had this problem. Did you get past the pain or succum to manipulation under anesthesia?[/QUOTE]

I'm over 3 months out, but have been playing golf since the 2nd month. I did push past the pain. I also took long hot baths with pain killing salts and bent my knee back and forth until I could set with my arms wrapped around both knees with forehead to the knees. I held those positions for 1 minute for about 10-15 times pressing the knees closer each time. I can now do the runners stretch. I'm riding the exercise bike 30 minutes a day adjusted as close up as I can get it to the handlebars so that the knee has to bend more. It hurts in the beginning but after about 1 or 2 minutes the pain slowly subsides. Try adjusting it a little each day until you can ride with the knees almost touching the handlebars.

Good Luck,


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