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I am (was) a moderately active female, aged 48. 8 months ago I had a sudden sharp pain in the groin whenever I rotated my leg outward. At times it makes it too painful to sit, and anything that makes me flex that joint a lot (crouching, cycling) flares it up. I thought it was a groin pull but when it didn't go away saw the doc. Went for physiotherapy and after a month or so she said it wasn't responding like it should if it were merely tight muscles and suggested more imaging.

X-rays of the hip and spine were normal. CT normal. I just went for a bone scan and am awaiting the results. Also awaiting a referral to an orthopedist and an MRI.

Two questions:
1) after the bone scan the tech asked me if I'd had recent dental work (answer: no). Why would she ask this? As far as I could see of the screen, there were no hot spots in my jaw.
2) seems like they are suspecting a hip labral tear. How definitive is the MRI arthrogram for diagnosing this?

I'm in Canada and it takes a long time for certain tests or to get a referral to a specialist, and I'm tired of waiting forever for a test, finding out it's normal, then waiting forever for another test. I'm not really able to exercise other than upper body and core strength so it probably doesn't help that my muscle tone is going. Luckily I don't need to worry about weight but my fitness is definitely not as good as it could be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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