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Hello! I'm concerned due to a fairly new knee pain I've been experiencing. I've never had any issues before with my knees. I haven't been very kind to them - 10+ years of soccer in my youth and I was a catcher for baseball for about 6 years (little league etc...). Beyond that I would say the usual stress - skiing, snowboarding, running, playing all that jazz. For the past year or so (I'm 32 now) I've found that I can't fold my left leg inlike sitting "indian style" (crossed leg) or the half version where I just bring the left heel in towards my groin. (I'm sure you get the idea) Whenever I do that and bend past the 90 degree point I instantly get a dull pain just on the inside of my knee cap almost in the deepest part of the indent found there (when not folded). The longer I keep the knee/leg in that position the more the pain increases. I tend to not leave my leg like that since I'm not a fan of increasing pain and I'm sure it's a sign that something's not right. I figured it would go away after a while but it hasn't and now I'm wondering if it's a tell tale sign of anything. If it helps, I'm a righty but close to ambidextrous so I usually use this leg as the support leg.

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