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Hi Folks, newbie here. Merry Christmas.

Today marks 5 weeks since my right total hip replacement. As far as I can tell all is well. Started driving at day 17, went back to work day 18. Everyday just a bit better. I feel the best when I walk about a mile. I'm working on losing the limp. Still get pretty stiff when sitting or driving for any length of time. Going up and down stairs well and can even use my operative leg for propulsion if I hold the hand rail.

The facts: age 48, hip replacement due to hip dysplasia and years of running marathons and backpacking. Left hip still looks great according to M.D. The pain is gone! The surgeon was able to replace it with a rather large (44mm) ceramic head on highly cross linked poly ethylene liner. My understanding is that this is some of the best materials to be used for active patients.

Now, I did talk to the Dr. about running again. His response was that running was not near the top of the list of aerobic exercises, but he knew of many of his patients that continued to run and were doing fine 9 years later.(the length of time he has been using these specific materials). He said the poly ethylene liner that he used in my case was even a bit better than the original material from nine years ago. I don't know the brand name of the material he used but it is made by the same company that makes "Marathon". I doubt any doctor is going to give a person the go ahead to run marathons. However, I'd like to run one more, perhaps in a year or two. I have no intentions on abusing this new hip for years and years. Are there any marathoners out there that have returned to run another after THR?

What say you? Thanks.

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