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I know you will feel much better after surgery. There is nothing worse then pain from the hips. Mosy of us wait too long as we fear the surgery, I know I did. I was in a wheel chair as the pain was so bad.
I had mine done last summer and I was in rehab for awhile as I had lost the muscle in my legs sitting in the chair too much. But it all healed up very fast and I had no pain at all after. I thought it was wonderful to feel so great.

I do have to get my other hip done and have an appt to see the ortho on the 14 of this month and will set up appt for surgery. My bad hip is starting to really hurt, I forgot how much it hurt isn't that funny.

I am so tired of a cane a walker and limping it will seem wonderful to be able to juet get up and walk again when I want something. Or tie my shoes, paint my toe nails haha
Just make sure you have the htings you need in place, like a raised potty chair, a reacher to grab things with as you can't bend at first. And they make a wonderful sock helper that lets you get your socks on. It is wonderful help tool. I raised my bed on the platforms things you can buy at the store, it made it much easier to get in and out of bed without bending so much.

I hope your excited and don't be worried, Good luck to you!! I will probably go after you and you can read about me Lol..:wave:
[QUOTE=anneth;4150583]Hi,, I am scheduled for total hip replacement on January 20, 2010. I would appreciate any advice from those who have had a similar surgery. I am 60 years old and in good health. Replacement due to some dysplasia and trauma from a car accident.[/QUOTE]

Hi Anneth,
By now you have had your surgery and I hope all went well. I just wanted to tell you how extremely important the physical therapy after surgery is. I had a THR back in 2005 and the surgery involved alot of stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments to give me an additional inch of leg length.
When I started PT I was very apprenhensive about doing anything for fear of having my "hip pop out of place". The PT's had to assure me it would be fine so I did what I was told.
When I went back to my surgeon and told him what exercises I had been doing he told me that I should stop some of them ASAP! It seems all THR are not the same and mine wasn't with all of the stretching so I should not have been doing the "standard excersises". Because I had been nervous in the first place I stopped going to me PT and figured I would do the stuff on my own. Needless to say I did not push myself as I probably should have and I still do not have the muscle strength back in the operated thigh that I should have. I have developed some back issues which I think are direclt caused from the weak thigh muscles and the lack of PT after the surgery.
SO....please follow your doctor's orders and do the physical therapy you need to do to get yourself back in optimal health ASAP.

Good luck!

Mary :)

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