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Re: Tkr
Feb 21, 2010
Hey Jerseyboy and Matter - JB you will learn that we do a lot of posting in the middle of the night post surgery. It is 2:00am and time for a pain pill and a little wait time until it kicks in, so I checked my email and checked the forum (don't like curling or I'd be watching the Olympics too). It's great that your wife is reading this forum too. My husband was totally unprepared for the "Afterwife". She will really be putting up with a whole different husband for a while...(percocet does lots of weird things to body and mind - (consider yourself several of the 7 dwarves plus bitchy and whiny), but eventually you will be able to join the human race again and enjoy life again and she will appreciate that
About the kneeling - I have been told different things. From don't count on doing it, to some light kneeling with pillows. Before surgery, I was able to get down by sort of stretching my legs out behind me (getting up in reverse) and then doing what I had to do at floor level on my hips, bum or tummy. Now at 4 1/2 weeks, I can get up from a sitting position in the tub, easier than before, as long as I have something to pull up on. You may have trouble doing the crawling around stuff. My Doc (she's great and only does knees and operates in Winter Park, FL) says this operation is about walking and mobility and that we may not get the squatting and kneeling back (very tough on the bionic parts....). But there are many on this forum farther along than I am who are gardening etc...

Oh, I'm from Red Bank, NJ origionally, exit 109 on the GS Parkway, then Salem, VA, then Virginia Beach, VA, now Windermere, FL (where Tiger Woods lives) near Orlando and the happiest place on Earth (except not so much for Tiger now)

I would definitely talk to your Doc again or at least one of is nurses. You should be exercising. You need to strengthen your muscles (especially your quads) and get in shape. I found that the only time I did not hurt when I exercised was in water, so I hit a warm (indoor) pool at the YMCA and did water aerobics and walked and stretched and swam in there. There are also presurgery exercises that you can do at home that really help. The hospital where you have surgery may have a packet available that will give you the exercises. One thing to check on is to find out if you will be on an ortho ward where they just deal with hip and knees or if you will be with the general hospital population. You want to be on an orthopaedic ward because our needs are different we are not sick, but recovering. Also how many knees does your Doc do . Occasionally or all the time? You can also ask your Doc to send you to a physical therapist before surgery to show you the exercises you should be doing. My PT now says that I should consider my exercises my new job.

Hey Matter - gotta love the night pain.... I never had crutches, don't think I would know what to do with them. I picked up my walker some too. Now I am using the cane and that seems to do fine to help my gait. Around the house though, I tend to put it somewhere and then walk off without it. My friend in VA, is still using a walker and is starting to use a cane a little. We are all different, I was off the walker at 10 days. About the swelling, mine has not been bad - VA friend has had tons. My op-leg is slightly more swollen than the non-op leg, but not as bad as before surgery. Try eliminating as much salt from your diet as possible. My PT has been using a great ice pack wrap after my workout that feels great. It's called elastogel and I am going to order a 9" X 24" one with velco straps. I have found it on line for around $40. at one of the big .coms.
Drugs - love them and hate them... started with 12 percocets a day and am now down to 6 to 7 1/2 depending on the day. Can't take NSAIDS so will try using more Arthritis Tylenol in place of some of the Percs soon.

Oh a quick word about sex...(I hope that I don't offend anyone) My daughter (27) was over visiting the other night (she has a home about 5 minutes from where we live) and we were in the bedroom watching Survivor. My husband came in and said "Do you want to watch your mom and me have sex?" She looked kind of horrified (but I knew what he was up to so I played along) So I said "yeah baby" and he reached down and started massaging my leg - my response being "oh baby, yeah baby...." , because right now a leg massage is the best sex I could have. basically better than the "better than sex" ice cream. So I have to say my husband is a very patient guy, it hasn't been much better for him. I need to ask my Doc when it's OK for the real thing - may have to be creative....well, I'm not dead yet....

Well boys, the percs (or I probably wouldn't have shared that) have kicked in so I am going to say goodnight and go back to sleep for 4 or 5 hours.
Less Grumpyathome

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