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Re: Tkr
Jan 5, 2010
Matter--I had my knee scoped six months prior to the knee replacement and like you I had very little pain, so I was not expecting the post operative pain of the knee replacement. I must admit the pain was terrible so I was very timely in taken the pain medication that was prescribed by my physician (hydrocodone). I don't like to be dependent on medications, but it is the only way I was able to handle that awful pain right after the surgery. Again--it is a different pain though, a surgical recovery pain and over the last two weeks (four weeks out) it has reduced. I continue to take the pain medication but now I can go longer between doses. Just do not allow the pain to get ahead of your medication. The hospital staff, my surgeon, and my therapist all said this and I'm definitely following that advise as a couple of times I did allow that to happen. As "fantail" said--you wil not be worse off if you do have this surgery. At two weeks I was saying I would have never had this done if I had known the pain, but today (after a great therapy session) I realize that now I can walk (though stiff) without worrying about my knee giving out from under me, I'm no longer walking with a limp, no more bone on bone grinding, and most importantly I see in the future being able to play again with my grandchildren without fear. Best of luck with your TKR and if you have any questions I'll be checking back. This healthboard has been a blessing and an educational tool to me to find out I was not the only one that had questions and concerns about my recovery.
Re: Tkr
Apr 5, 2010
Hi Jersey Boy:
It is good to read your postings already after your knee replacement surgery. I am sorry that you have had trouble with nausea after surgery. I always request that the anesthetist put something in the anesthesia to help prevent post surgery nausea and that has worked well for me - no nausea. Just lucky I suppose.

I think that with your cheery outlook you will do OK with recovery and rehab.

Personally, I think that anyone who undertakes joint replacement is brave! We are venturing into the unknown and that takes guts in my opinion.

Keep ahead of the pain by taking your meds before PT. That helps immensely in my experience. Gradually you will feel comfortable lessening the meds and only you will be able to decide just when. Just don't try to be a hero. Don't overdo anything because if you do you will pay for it! Slow and easy has been my motto in recovery and rehab and that has worked well for me in my two hip replacements.

Please post regularly and let us all know how you are doing. We are pulling for you!

Shirley H.
Re: Tkr
May 19, 2010
I am 6 days post surgical for a total knee replacement. I had the nerve block with the spinal anesthesia. That was the way to go. Didn't feel anything didn't see anything. The thing i liked most was that there was very little time in recovery, no confusion, and you are breathing on your own.
Post surgically the knee and front of the leg will be numb but you will feel pain to the back and sides of your new knee.

I hope this helps. come to think of it you probably had this surgery several months ago

Hope you feel better,

Re: Tkr
May 22, 2010
[QUOTE=s2infla;4250793][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]While researching info on TKR and the costs, I came upon this message board. I’ve only read a few posts at the beginning and end, but it has been immensely helpful.

My situation is this – I’m 57 rather sedentary and heavy woman who is looking at two TKRs. When a recent trip to a place I loathe (the casinos) shocked me into reality about my situation, I finally went to the doctor. Although I’ve been dealing with these painful knees for about a decade, I denied the situation and just modified my life. It’s an insidious and subtle adjustment you don’t realize until confronted with the realities of your limited life. I decided, however, I wasn’t going to go out as a crippled-victim slot zombie and was going to do whatever necessary to regain joint health!

I have medial osteoarthritis in both knees with bone-in-bone in the right knee, and bone-on-bone in the left knee. Prior to Western medicine, I managed the situation with the homeopathic approach of alternating cold and heat, glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, and fish oil tablets. I also had Synvisc injections in 2005, which were VERY effective. This modality worked well until the knees overtook its efficacy.

The current modality (again very effective) is another series of Synvisc injections (one in each knee), use of a topical NSAID (Voltaren – I lovingly call “PFM Cream” – Pure Flippin’ Magic!), weight loss, aqua therapy, and the supplements. It took a few days to recover from the one injection Synvisc (the previous treatment was a series of three injections), and then I had two days of total bliss where I could walk without stiffness or pain, had a great ROM, could take stairs like a real person again, and could even pivot. On day three, I suffered a setback in the right knee as the replacement synovial fluid dislodged some calcified bone spurs -- I was in excruciating pain and non-ambulatory for almost three days. I couldn’t get in any position where the pain in my knee didn’t take my breath away. By the grace of God, I managed to survive this, get to the bathroom in time, visit my PT, and recover to almost full ROM. My right knee is still “frozen” even with the Voltaren, but improving. I can bend it, but the flex is still limited. I continue to improve everyday in small amounts, but I long for those bliss days and hope I can experience that again before the inevitable surgery.

I want to wait as long as possible before surgery, but am getting ready for it with weight loss, strengthening exercises, and mental preparation. One last thing, I am a wuss and do not do pain! So, I am no looking forward to this, but I know it is my future. This message board is such a blessing! :angel:[/FONT][/QUOTE]

Hi S2inFL - Our histories sound very similiar. I will be 55 in Sept. and had my right knee TKR on Jan 19, '10, the left knee is in somewhat better shape - not yet bone on bone. I played a lot of tennis BK (before knee) and my right took the brunt of pivot and falls(lots of bone spurs) - I have osteoarthritis, and my mother had both knees replaced also - so I have the Trifecta for TKRs. I also was somewhat sendentary - much because of pain. At 5'5" I managed to get to about 220, then 213 day of surgery. After the TKR, I have dropped to 187 (one of the good things about percocet is you have no appetite. I am hungry again, but trying to be good.

I had the 3 shot hylagan treatment (similiar to synvisc) which didn't work, probably because of the spurs and the bone on bone. I also had some fluid drained and several cortisone shots, which helped for about 6 weeks. We like to travel, so the cortisone got me through my last trip a couple of weeks before surgery. (never tried voltaren - may have to check it out.

Yeah I'm a wuss too - but if you put up with the post-surgical pain with the help of painkillers - (don't be brave - take them, then taper them off) your pain will be different than pre-surgical, but eventually the things you can now do vs the aches (I still have aches at 4 1/2 months) will make you glad you did the surgery. The first couple of weeks are really tough, but stay in la-la land, nap when you can and do your PT. Moving is a key - keep that knee moving. Because I couldn't take NSAIDs, I was on the hard stuff for 3 months. But if you can take NSAIDs, you can combine with the Oxy's and the hydro's and taper off sooner.

Yesterday, I bought a bicycle (crank forward, flat foot style makes it easier on the knees) and am riding around my neighborhood - no way could I have done that 5 months ago - I can go shopping again, get up out of chairs, I walked all over Disney last weekend and felt great. No sorer than any other time one overdoes it. What I won't do and "these knees are made for walking", is running, tennis and things that may cause the cement to deteriorate faster. Kneeling on hard surfaces is out. I want my bionic knee to last as long as possible. I am a little worried about falling on my bike, but I plan on being careful.

So read the posts on this thread and others. I posted one "TKR - what it would have helped to know beforehand" which might help you preparing your home for your recovery period. It is a long haul ( but there are milestones throughout the year and hopefully at the end of a year it will really seem like its my knee) and you will need help and patience, but I don't regret having the surgery at 54, because I have my life back. I was too young to act like an 80 year old. I am hoping that taking the stress off my left leg, I can go a few more years before I need the second TKR.

Where are you in FL? Jerseyboy is a Floridian too. I'm in Windermere.
Grumpy :)
Re: Tkr
May 31, 2010
[QUOTE=gammy8888;4256257]I am having a double knee replacement that will be minimal invasive surgery. Has anyone had this done on both knees at once and can you tell me anything good or bad??????????? I Have panic attacks and I am so worried about the first time they get me up..thanks so much[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the board gammy :) I had my right leg done 3-31-10 and am having the left done 7-7-10 so I can't help you with information about doing both at once. I have talked to several people who have had it done and heard the recovery time is a lot longer. In my case, I talked to my doctor about doing both at once and he said he won't do it. He requires 90 days between. Because of scheduling issues, mine is a little longer.

Each case is different, but I am curious what brought you to the decision to do both? Like you I was scared to death, but the folks on this board were a God send :) We are very much like a family of people who actually understand each other :) Because we have had the same experience. Like others have said in this thread, I remember the morning of my surgery, I was freaked out right through registration but once I got changed and on a bed in pre-op this strange calm came over me. I just knew at that point that everything was going to be ok. Of course when God is on your side, who can be against you?

My surgery went well, I did have to spend an extra day in the hospital, but that was because the pain meds they were putting me on didn't agree with me. I actaully asked for that extra day, but in retrospect, I wish I had have come home. I felt so much better after getting home :) I had in-home PT for three weeks instead of two because I had my right leg done first and I couldn't drive until 4 weeks. At 5 weeks I actually rode my motorcycle. DW (Dear Wife) and I are actually going on a ride this morning before the Florida afternoon rains set in. Overall, now that my first surgery is behind me, I now realize that pretty much 100% of my anxiety was un-necessary. I am not worried about my upcoming surgery at all! Because now I know what to expect. (They even changed my name on the thread from jerseyboy to whineyboy) lol! It's easy to sit here and tell you not to worry, but you really shouldn't :) and you will see that post-op. Just keep in your mind that this surgery is a means to an end. That being the ability to walk without pain, the ability to again be an active participant in life!

If you read this thread from end to end you will see many posts about extension and flex numbers. If I can give you any one peice of advise, don't get hungup on the numbers. EVERY knee is different! I read the other day someone is at 0 ext and 118 flex after 4 1/2 weeks. Amazing numbers for sure, at 8 1/2 weeks I'm at -7 ext and 115 flex. It gets frustrating at times because you think you should be doing better than you are.

There are a lot of variables to consider also. It seems females do better. Thin people, fit people, one knee verses two knees. I hope you become and stay avtive here, I am very interested to hear your story and how you do after, thru PT ect. Either way though, I will be praying for your successful surgery and recovery. Have a safe Memorial Day! :)

Remember, "Freedom isn't free!"
Re: Tkr
May 31, 2010
[QUOTE=gammy8888;4256257]I am having a double knee replacement that will be minimal invasive surgery. Has anyone had this done on both knees at once and can you tell me anything good or bad??????????? I Have panic attacks and I am so worried about the first time they get me up..thanks so much[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hey Gammy! I know well the panic. After I caught a glimpse of my x-rays (and I'm not a medical professional) I was flushed with nausea and after I investigated every bit of information on it, I had to have a friend talk me off the ledge! But I calmed down and processed all of it. This board has helped immensely.

I believe it's normal to have some level of anxiousness. This is major surgery, Dahlin'! However, the more prepared you are, the less panic you'll have. In other words, preparation overcomes fear.

I, too, wanted to do both knees at once. My doctor doesn't do it, although she would recommend someone who would. She said there is too much blood loss. I yielded to her training and opinion. And after reading the actual accounts of the surgery and recovery, I believe one at a time is the way to go. It would all depend on what you are having done. If you're having a one or even two compartment surgery (partial knee), it might be doable. But a three compartment replacement (TKR) -- no way! It's far too much trauma to the body. I also believe the body has a huge capacity to recover and heal, but you have to give it a chance and treat it right.

Keep us updated and post if you even rachet up a nano-tick! :cool:[/FONT]

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