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Re: Tkr
May 31, 2010
[QUOTE=jerseyboy;4256588]I just wanted everyone to know that I DID get from here to there, now I'm there (8 weeks out) laughing my butt off at my pre rantings :)[/QUOTE]

Jersey you crack me up.. your anxiety was soooooooo bad... and look and you now... Mr. Rooster... crowing how well you are doing.... I am so proud of you. We all have are kinks.. I felt I was doing great pretty soon after surgery.. only because my knee hurt so bad prior... now that I am learning more after a second PT person.. I am feeling great.. don't lock my knees any longer.. I'm actually standing like a normal person.. still needs more work.. locking your knees is a horrible habit to get in and does nothing for the strength of your knee.. so that's the only pain I really have now is exercising that knee and the muscles surrounding it so I don't lock it... no more swinging it to get it in the car, up the stairs.. and I find myself consciously thinking about how I do things.. I think the pool will be great therapy too.. I can do my one legged balancing exercises in the pool and have no fear of killing

So glad we have this board.. I have learned so much.. and ICE is still my best friend... probably always will be.. which is no biggie.. nice way to relax.

Hope everyone is having a nice memorial day....

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