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[QUOTE=Dancing Lady;4155767]It's been almost 8 weeks since I had THR. I still have many questions regarding recovery. I still cannot put on my left sock without a sock helper. Does anyone have a "rough" timeframe when this will be possible? When I go fo the club for water aerobics, I usually leave wearing only one sock. Also, when can one stop using the pillow between the knees while laying on their side? I know these are strange questions, but I would like to know approximately when these milestones would occur. Thanks in advance for any answers to my THR questions.[/QUOTE]

Hi Dancing Lady:
Still the same old answer about when one can do certain things after a hip replacement - we all are different in this time table.

Why not just keep using the sock helper gadget? You will gradually be able to bend lower without discomfort and difficulty and then you can ditch the thing! I love my sock donner and am still using it since I had my other hip replaced this August 24.

I could force myself to bend way down, but why? The sock donner makes things so easy and fast and using it will not damage my rehab! I have not been using pillows between my legs for side-lying in bed - that was not necessary for very long for me. Sleeping on my side was uncomfortable for a few times, but soon I did not notice any discomfort at all. I couldn't put a time on it for you. It just wasn't very many times before I forgot about any discomfort.

You are only 8 weeks post surgery and it is too early to worry! Just take your sock donner along to water exercise, and you will also be teaching the others something about rehab from hip replacerment. I think they will find the gadget interesting- and who knows, some day they will remember to get one for themselves and be grateful for the knowledge. ;)

Shirley H.

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