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[QUOTE=Yamhillnancy;4174820]Hi Everyone,
I found this board a week ago and I have been voraciously reading all of your posts. I have learned so much from all of you. I am a 61 year old woman who has had rheumatoid arthritis all of her life and lupus for around 20 years. I have had my ups and downs with both of these diseases, but basically I have been feeling pretty well the last couple of years, aside from toe joint replacement surgery, surgery for a torn posterior tibular tendon, fractured vertebae stuff like that. My knees have been ok until lately. My daughter had a baby on Oct. 30 and I was helping her every day. She lives in an apartment with steps and I was going up and down the steps numerous times a day. One morning I woke up unable to walk with severe pain in my right knee. The MRI showed a slightly torn meniscus and some osteoarthritis, but nothing major. I had to rent a wheelchair the pain was so bad. Due to some scheduling problems with the first orthopedist, I made an appointment with another orthopedic surgeon at a sports medicine practice. This practice treats the LA Lakers, LA Dodgers, etc, so I figured that they could handle a 61 year old woman with a sore knee. The doctor said that he couldn't figure out why I was in such pain with an MRI showing basically nothing. By this time I was in tears and told him that if he didn't do something I didn't know what I would do. He ordered another MRI to see if anything had changed. The second MRI (three weeks after the first) showed extensive damage in the medial part of my knee. There was basically bone on bone with many small fractures all over the place. He sent me to a surgeon who only does knee replacement and I saw him yesterday. He said that I did indeed need surgery, but because of the area of damage being in only one compartment of my knee he could do a partial knee replacement. Has anyone had this? I am anxious to know about the recovery time for a partial vs. a TKR. This doctor does many, many of these, so I am not worried about his experience. Again, thanks again for all of your wisdom; this board is the first thing I read in the morning and the last thing I read at night.

Nancy in Los Angeles[/QUOTE]

I would never do a partial knee replacement because you will have to replace it again with a full knee. It just cost more for your insurance and causes you to have a second surgery.

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