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My father recently had knee surgery and he is so glad he did it. He had a lot more pain prior to surgery. It seems to me you are very young and if the doctor is okaying your surgery, well, maybe you should take the next step. The younger you are, usually, the faster the recovery time. Check with your insurance first to see how much the deductible is and also if you have a secondary insurance you can include. My boss also had knee surgery recently and she is 60yrs old. She had rehab in a skilled nursing facility for two weeks and then had outpatient for three weeks and she is doing phenomenal. Good Luck!!
Hi there - yes, if nothing conservative has worked than you definitely need to go forward with the knee replacement surgery. Don't be concerned that you're under 50 and your surgeon thinks you're too young for the replacement. That is NOT the point. Though, normally, most people don't need the surgery till they're in their 50s, I've heard of people in their 40s who've had it done because they were in the same boat as you. Your problem is you have no cartilage and your knee is bone on bone, and nothing else has worked! If this surgeon doesn't want to do the procedure, find one who does! Get another opinion! Matter of fact, if you want, I could ask MY surgeon if he knows any good surgeons he would trust wherever you live. (If you have not had the surgery yet.) My guy is nationally known and has been named a Top Surgeon ELEVEN YEARS RUNNING in the U.S.! He also has a Ph.D. and has a couple of patents out on knee and hip prosthetics that he designed! Let me know what your current knee status is.

I had one arthroscopy of my right knee in 2005 because the cartilage snapped on me. The surgeon who did that procedure TOTALLY messed up my knee because when cleaning it out, he removed way too much cartilage. Four and a half years later in June of 2010, I went back to him because the knee was hurting again and I wanted a renewal of my handicap parking permit. That jerk took x-rays, said the knee was stable so no new handicap tag.

I switched 4 months later to the top knee replacement surgeon in the county (whom I'd previously gone to for a shoulder problem when he was still with the other guy's practice, but since had gone on in '95 to form his own practice.) This surgeon took one look at the EXACT SAME X-RAYS the other moron took that June and said I needed the total knee replacement ASAP as I had NO CARTILAGE LEFT and it was bone on bone! How the hell the other idiot missed this, I don't know, and for a while I was considering suing him for messing up my knee. But, since my current surgeon did such a fantastic job replacing the right knee and scoping the left one during the same surgery (I had a small tear in the left one because I was compensating for the right knee until the replacement was in.), I dropped the idea of suing the other jerk. Within the next year or so, I will need the left one replaced because the arthritis is starting to wear away the cartilage in that one faster than either my surgeon or I thought it would.

I'm allergic to the Synvisc and its synthetic twin Euflexxa and also glucosamine products. Till I'm ready to have the left knee replaced, all he can do is keep me plied with cortisone shots every 3 to 4 months to deal with the pain. When he sees the knee is starting to get to bone on bone status, he will tell me it's time for the surgery, but to try not to wait that long since he would have to cut less bone if he does it sooner, and thus the recovery will be shorter and easier for me. In the meantime, I've gone back to wearing a knee brace when I know I'll be on my feet for long periods.

Good luck to you and go for it on the replacement surgery! You won't be sorry! Trust me! CPW2012

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