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I've had a nearly constant deep ache in my left buttock for 5 years. On bad days it seems to also ache in the front of my left knee and along the outside of the left calf. I also get strong spasms in the back of my thigh - so strong it seems to injure the muscle and I'll be charlie-horsed for days after. I've had my lower spine thoroughly investigated as the cause (mris, xrays, myleogram, nerve block injections). I've had 2 lumbar fusions and spine surgeon feels this pain is not coming from spine. I should add I have "significant" weakness in the left leg and some nerve damage as shown by emg testing. I limp mildly or quite badly but I can't seem to walk right. I recently had SI joint injections to see if Si joint is the problem. I'm right now waiting on the results of the first mri done on my pelvis/hip.
Does my pain pattern sound familiar to anyone? I've had numerous physical exams and I never yell in pain as my left leg is manipulated. There are no terrible sharp pains. But after such an exam, the pain will build in and I'll be at a 6 compared to my normal 4 for a week to 10 days after.
Lately I am finding my pain changes a bit as the day wears on. It is almost sickening. I'm not overdoing exercise. I'm recovering from cervical spine surgery just now. Anyway, I guess I'm looking for some feedback to help me wait this out till I know something for sure (please God). Thanks so much. SQ

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