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I have been wondering the same thing. although my knee pain didnt start with a tear or anything i had constant knee pain since I was around 14 years old. i was 18 before i went to a doctor about it. everything was normal, no arthritis, plenty of tissue, and all that. he did an MRI and found out it was PFS. I have had both knees scoped lateral release, plica excision and somethin else. anyway that was in december of last year so less than 5 months since surgery i am back to square one. they are hurting as bad as they were before surgery. i just told you all this to say you're not the only one, i thought i was until i found this website. but anyways im going to see a specialist on knees and sports injuries sometime in the next month to discuss an "aggressive surgery" to reposition some stuff or something i didnt understand a word he said. but ill let you know how it goes.

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