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I'm a twenty-one year old, physically fit student - with knee problems. I had my first surgery four years ago to remove damaged lateral miniscus from my right knee due to a dislocation injury. The surgery seemed to help, until I noticed a new pain on the inside medial area of my right knee. I went back to the surgeon, but he brushed it off as left over pain from the surgery (since the pain presented soon after).

Three years later and the pain not only persisted, but my knee was now making a painful popping noise if bent more than 30 or so degrees. I finally went to another surgeon for an opinion. After multiple tests the diagnosis was Plica Syndrome - the pain I felt on the inside of my knee wasn't left over from the original surgery after all. Deciding against steroid injections, the surgeon removed the iritated piece of plica and pronounced me good as knew. His prounouncement lasted all of two months - when I finally got full range of montion back, my knee not only began to make a popping noise, but presented with pain when the popping occured; something that didn't necessarily happen originally.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm obviously frustrated. Two surgeries and no repair, or real answers. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? And solutions?

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