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I had the knee injury 10 months ago i twisted my lag with the bended knee during jujitsu training (I did not feel any pain during injury but later pain was getting worst and worst and I had to stop training). I had MRI and X-rays done - Doctor said there was a very small tear on meniscus and that i should be fine. It took over a month for pain to go away but it is almost 11 months now and if i exercise I still have pain on both sides of the knee (inside - in the middle part of the knee and outside in the low part where the ligament starts).

I am fine if i don't do any exercises and don't walk to much but if I run (I get pain first in low part of the knee on the outside) and the worst are squads even with no weight. Squads or knee bended to the full extend are real problem and source of the pain if i don't do anything pain goes away after around 3 weeks but then if i run or do stretching pain is back (i have pain only when walking and bending knee). It is already long time after injury and I am getting really scary. I would appreciate any advice.


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