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For anyone that has dealt with this, my question is how long does it last and will it ever go away completely?

I am a 32 year old stay at home mom of two young children. Having hip bursitis has been extremely difficult. I find the only relief I get is if I am laying on the couch completely flat on my back and icing 2-3 times a day. But as a mom of two young kids it's not fair to my kids. I don't want to just stick them in front of a tv all day.

I've been dealing with the pain since January 2009. I think it was brought on by training to run a 1/2 marathon (in May 2009). It never hurt more than a day at a time while I was training and if I rested or iced the pain went away. Then after the 1/2 marathon it seems that running aggravated it every time. And if I had to carry my kids (from the car to in the house, if they had fallen asleep), or too much walking up and down stairs in our house it really flared it up.
I have been doing no physical activity- other than day to day stuff around the house since the end of Sept. My Physical Therapist just started me walking on my treadmill for 10-15 min every other day about 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Some days are fine, and other days just 5 minutes in and I am done. I was a very active person before this. And with the weather getting nicer I find myself more depressed about the situation. Today we went to the Zoo, and while we were walking slowly and stopping at all of the exhibits I found myself in so much pain after walking around for about an hour.

Any advice, tips, from anyone who has had this?
Since I had a tkr last year I have been struggling with this in both my hip and replaced knee. I have found for my hip that deep stretches (crossing the affected side leg over the opposite knee at a 45 degree angle when sitting and leaning forward into it) does help, but I too have nights when it keeps me awake and I cannot sleep on the affected side. Ask your PT about stretches - they may help. I have also had some work done by an osteopath that has really helped me. Hope this helps :)
Had a bad time with hip bursitis several years ago. Went to see my ortho and he gave me a cortisone injection in the hip (didn't hurt as there is novacaine too). Over the course of several days the pain disappeared and thus far has not returned. Worked wonderfully for me. Wish you luck as I know this can be really painful.
By the way, my doc said this condition is very common in women.

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