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I guess I don't respond (sorry to all) but when I had my TKR's, my ortho told me in advance that it would be a year before I felt somewhat back to normal physically and the complete healing of knees would take 2 years. So my expectations at 6 months was that I was glad to be walking and wondering what it would be like in another 18 months.

I guess maybe too many docs don't tell you the complete truth because too many people would get discouraged. It takes muscles at least 8 months to heal and tendons and ligaments can take up to a year. When I had my knees done 11 years ago, the average range of motion for TKR's at one year post op was 105*....not too good compared to what they are now.

I actually was talking about this with my neurosurgeon last year, 2+ years after a 6 vertebrae fusion and we talked about the reality that major orthopedic surgery like my neck or TKR's take a good 2 years to fully recover and I asked him why he hadn't told me to expect that. He said that he didn't want me to be discouraged with the slow rate of recovery. I told him I'd rather know the truth than think something was wrong or that I wasn't doing hard enough work to recover. I was used to 2 years after the knees so 2 years for the neck was what I expected and I wish he had told me. In reality, it's taken 3 years.

So I'd say to everyone....give it time. Give it at least 1 full year. I had swelling for a full year after mine. Didn't really feel like they were part of me for 2 years. But by 18 months, I could walk 3-4 miles with minimal pain and 5 miles by 2 years.

Be patient but keep working them.

That's the best 2 cents I can throw in.


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