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When it rains it pours, doesn't it?

With all that soft tissue swelling I'd call your ortho ASAP. You are at risk for blood clots with much swelling and you don't need more problems. You might be able to rent one of those machines that gently squeezes the calf to keep circulation going and press the swelling out of your leg. Even ACE bandages lightly wrapped around the leg should help or at the very least, compression stockings.

That amount of swelling scares me. I hope you call or see the doc.

And good luck to hubby....cut tendons is a long haul...about a year to get full function back.

I'll be back later hoping to hear you called your doc.

gentle hugs.................Jenny
I'm glad to hear you are on top of clots. That makes me feel less worried but I am worried about that swelling. I shouldn't be because I had the same situation with my left knee for could watch it swell. But it's been fine since the replacements.

I also have a PT I love and use whenever I need someone. Only problem is she works part time so I don't always get her. He husband is an orthopedic surgeon so she is really knowledgeable. He's not my doc. And she's had some major problems herself so she knows. Specializes in working with spine patients(that was when I met her...after breaking my neck)but now works with me on everything. If she has questions about anything, she asks her hubby and does the research to know what I'm dealing with. Even calls to see how I'm doing when I'm not in PT.

Is your hubby having the tendons repaired tomorrow?

We are also in the 80's today after 2 days of cold rain. My hummers are back and I need to go change their feeder as I imagine the rain has watered down the sugar water. I've had to remove all the other feeders due to the bears. I've learned over the years to have only wooden feeders so I can rebuild them after they take them apart. But the last time they visited, it was mama and junior(junior is now at least 2-3 and is about 200 pounds) and 2 bears is 2 too many for me. Dad is about 400 pounds and a regular, mom is about 300 pounds. Had a tagged bear try to put it's head through my cat flap last year...very inquisitive and not afraid of people. Whenever they find a bear in populated areas they tend to relocate them to our area so we are getting more and more bears that are used to humans. It can get very scary. I was in the garden 2 weeks ago when I sensed something behind me and it was junior.....20 feet behind me. That was when I found out that very stiff and painful knees are still capable of running.

I was supposed to be tested for possible allergies to the metals in my knees but the allergist called yesterday to tell me that he did some investigation and that the tests they've been using really don't show anything conclusive and he'd rather do nothing than point me in the wrong direction. But he doesn't think it's allergy. I would have reacted before now. So that's one more possibility cause scratched off the list. Slowly we winnow down the list of possible causes of the problems. Infection still tops the list.

So I am waiting to hear from my arthritis doc to see if I go back to the ortho. They were supposed to talk but as of now, nobody is talking to me. I really don't care if I have to wait a while. I want my gardens in good shape before I end up laid up with both knees operated on. The surgery for infection is rather gross and old fashioned and I really don't want to go through it but if I have to, I have to.

So I guess you are in a waiting mode until Tuesday except for dealing with hubby. You 2 will be a great pair...his hand doesn't work and your knee doesn't Mine just works way to hard and is never here. Gone since Sunday and due back tonight.

Well, I'm heading out to get some stuff done today while I don't hurt so badly. Please take good care of yourself.

gentle hugs.............Jenny

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