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I never had a fermoral block. With my TKR's I had an epidural that stayed in for 2 days afterwards. But I did have a block and a general for my shoulder surgeries and it was very impressive. The left just had the end of the collarbone taken off but the right had that and a rotator cuff repair and I don't think I took anything stronger than Tylenol after either surgery. they started doing this with patients undergoing amputations in order to try to avoid phantom limb pain....fools the brain that the limb has been numbed and not missing so it doesn't "miss" the limb and make it hurt.

So you get numb prior to the general and when you wake up, the limb is slowly getting feeling back but it doesn't hurt because the brain doesn't know you've had surgery yet. Get's you past the worst time which is the first 24-48 hours.

The TTT tightens the patellar tendon and pulls to the inside so it doesn't go out over the outside edge. My daughter has inherited my bad knees and she has dislocated her kneecap too and I wonder what she'll need someday. I had mine pulled over to the inside but without releasing the tissue on the outside, it just didn't work quite right.

As for my problems, knees still hurt...left has been bad of late, and my spine is still a big problem. Have been up since 3am with deep burning pain in my lower back but yet the MRI doesn't show much. Wondering if my RA has started to eat at my back. Neurosurgeon has decided not to operate on my neck at this point and just watch it. I tore all the ligaments in my lumbar spine many years ago and I fear it is starting to tear again....I hope not. They still haven't figured out exactly what is wrong with my knees...doc still thinks I've developed gout but no crystals how could I have gout in my knees?

So I'm still in limbo and still very frustrated and still seeing new docs and dong tests.

It just goes on and on and on..........


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