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Hey guys I need help. I was a very active guy, 22 years old, doing martial arts 5 days a week. One night about a month ago I got into a bike accident and hit my hip the hardest. I felt fine and walked home, when I checked it out it was scraped and bruised. No big, I thought, and the next couple days I did hip stretches, hip abduction exercises, and continued to do martial arts. Then, six days later, the swelling got huge and with a deep pain.

Pretty sure it's from hip bursitis, and that's what my physical therapist thought. I was given some patch thing that sends ions through a negative charge in the swollen area and then pulls them out through a positive charge. Felt like a long bee sting, but it helped. I started doing the stretchy exercises she told me to do and looked forward to our meeting the next week.

Then, as I started walking more (she told me to get off the crutches) I developed symptoms of metatarsalgia in the metatarsals of my left foot (same side as my hip) but not in the big toe metatarsal. Could barely walk. Went to the PT, my hip was still doing better but still a little swollen and painful so I got another patch. In addition, I got an ultrasound therapy done on my foot which helped a lot, and apparently if there was a fracture it would have hurt a lot (it didn't).

My foot felt good as new. Then two days later I had to do a lot of walking, and it started hurting after that. I shifted the weight more to the ball of my foot to compensate, and now the pain has shifted there instead of my other toes. I also had to miss my PT session because I was sick for a few days (got it from my roommate, broke the fever in a day and feel fine now).

Now, my hip is starting do a little worse over the past couple days, and my foot is still in the same condition. I have mostly been laying around ever since I did that day of a lot of walking. My hip was doing well at a certain point, and I had regained a lot of range of motion, swelling went down. But now, it's starting become like it was before - smaller range of motion, pain, swelling.

I was super healthy before this, and very active. Now I'm super lame. And very tired of these problems. You would think they'd have gone away by now.

And I've been taking ibuprofen almost every day when it seems necessary, generally 4 pills a day.

Does anyone know what's going on? Is it just hip bursitis? The location of the swelling.. if you touch the side of your thigh, and run your fingers up to where it meets your hip, there is a little pokey part (not sure what bone this is called but it's like the bottom of your hip I guess) - well, the swelling is mostly above the pokey part.

Oh, also my butt is numb when I put pressure on it (such as to sit, or lay down on my back). On the left butt, near the bottom of it. It's been like that since the initial inflammation. Also, my left foot has a tendency to be cold on the bottom, especially at the hell, through the bottom of the foot, and especially at the big toe. I still have a pulse running through it, so no clue what that's all about. My metatarsals feel better when my foot is warm, icing doesn't seem to help.

Icing only barely helps my hip, it seems. The anti-inflammatory patches worked great to reduce the inflammation, but now over a week without one it's getting worse again.

If anyone has an idea what's going on, please let me know. I have no medical insurance, so I go through my school's health center. And they are very busy, I feel like I get the short end of the "time" stick. Also, they're not open on the weekends.

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