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Im 24 yo female. diagnosed with paetella femoral syndrome in 2004. after years of physical therapy, taping, cortisone injections, braces, i had a bilateral release done. that being my only option left. that was in jan 2008. they released the ligament and also shaved my knee caps and cleaned out all the scar tissue that had built up. i healed ok, went back to PT for a few months to build up my muscles again, and went on with life. the problem is im still having severe knee pain. but it isnt the same type of pain. my knees feel...grainy and make crackling noises. im very active (go to the gym almost every day of the wk), low weight. when i follow up with my ortho about this all he says is i have "flair ups" and just didnt heal well and have scar tissue. i also have bad hips- my hip sockets are too small for the femur- but it isnt related. the only options he gives me is cortisone/eufelxxa injections, anti inflammatories, and basically just to deal with it. so frustrating. i went to a different ortho dr for a second opinion and his answer was that i have "fibromyalgia" and that "lots of pretty young girls have problems such as these" what a bunch of bs. its s beyond frustrating. im 24 years old. and i feel like im an old lady. most days im limping around. and i cant even wear heels. anyone else dealing with something like this? anyone? im going nuts with this! :mad:

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