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Hi everyone. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me on these boards so far. I have found this to be a really great online community!

I am sorry for any repetitiion but I feel its necessary to repeat this to explain why I am nervous about getting another opinion...

I have been having problems with my right knee for about 5 years. I have had pain and cracking/popping. About 5 years ago I tried PT and it didn't help that much. About 30 days ago my right knee pain flared up and the cracking and popping was worse than it was before. It hurt to sit, bend and extend my right leg. I saw my family doc and she gave me a cortisone shot which helped a little but not too much. I saw my orthopaedist and she gave me Mobic and a brace. Neither helped much either. She did an Xray and said I didn't have arthritis. I decided to get another orthopaedic opinion who said I needed an MRI, and upon the results of the MRI said a "lateral release (arthroscopy)" and "chrondoplasty" were reasonable. He said I have patellofemoral syndrome, that I DO have arthritis, thinning cartilage and a sliding kneecap. I got another opinion who mentioned a cortisone shot in the joint and trying PT would be his first choices. When he asked me how I felt, I said, I feel "at the end of my rope and if surgery can help me, why not." He agreed surgery would be reasonable. I decided to schedule this surgery with the first surgeon I saw. I like him, trust him, and have heard good things about him. The surgeon believes this surgery will help me get better.

My father has had arthroscopy surgeries from a surgeon in another state, where he lives. He didn't have the same procedures as I would be having, but he wants me to see his surgeon. I feel he has been forcing me into seeing his surgeon, giving his surgeon the highest praise and basically pointing out how he thinks that he is a better choice than my surgeon. I am nervous and am scared to see his surgeon because I feel confident in my decision to have surgery, even though with my father pressuring me, I am beginning to second guess my decision a little. What if his surgeon says I don't need surgery? Then what do I do? Try things that haven't worked and continue to live in pain. I was limping in enough pain that I went to the ER!

I don't know whether or not to get this opinion and travel to the other state on Tuesday for the appt with his surgeon on Wednesday. I feel scared and nervous.


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