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Let me first say I have never had a knee problem before but I do have Lupus which causes pain anyway.

Last tuesday I was rushing around I slipped and went flying in air and landed directly on my knee which was bent, on a hard parcelian tile floor. I heard crack, never felt so much pain. I got very sick and about passed out, my daughter put cold packs on my neck cause she said I was white as a ghost.

Was not able to move or walk on it, went to er, I could not straighten my leg at all, every little touch I was in agony, I even cried and screamed. Xray said no break, and I was told would need MRI in a week when inflamation went down, that I probably "tore something" I was put in a straight full leg imobilizer given crutches and pain medicine, and told make appointment with ortho for 1 week. Till them do not take off imobilizer only to go in bath, no standing or walking without support.

I have appoint Wed with ortho. I am still in terrible pain, when open brace and even try to touch knee it is painful, even the brace rubbing on knee hurts very bad. My husband slightly touched my knee and it felt like a pooping feeling. the inside of knee is more painful and it does not look that swollen but it almost looks like a bubble on knee cap then there is like an indent. also when you touch knee it feels like numb painful eeling like needles. I can not lift my leg, put any pressure on it or bend or straighten it. There seems to be alot of crackling in whole area.

Please anyone, does this sound like a tear? what can make it feel better? should I wait the few days or call and tell the dr I feel worse? Thanks,, What can be done for a tear and how can you tell if there is one. Has anyone ever got hurt like this from a fall?

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