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I went to the dr. yesterday with severe left knee pain & swelling of the outside part of the knee. It has given me trouble for some time, but now it is severe enough to have it looked at. Just F.Y.I. I have no insurance. My dr. & hosp. I go to have HCAP though.
The doctor said my lateral collateral ligament was unstable & I seem to have trouble with my meniscus(lateral),a possible tear. He wanted to get me a brace, but they cost over 500 bucks so that's out. He is trying to find an Orthapedic who will treat me despite no insurance. Good luck with that!
He said if I'm not careful my knee might dislocate with the unstable LCL. There was a lot of give in the knee side to side when he manipulated it. It is very painful. I do ice the knee every day, just so you know.
My question is this....what can be done for the LCL & the possibly torn lateral meniscus? I have to go for a CT Scan cause I am claustrophobic & don't do MRI's. Is the CT as reliable as the MRI?

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