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Hi My Experience with the VA has been mixed for other than Knee problems I have no problems with the VA. When it comes to the VA with my Knee problems especially the Orthopedic surgeon I will never go back to them for anything. My reason why my first LTKR was done privately and I did not find out about VA benifits till after the surgery following my surgery for whatever the reason I had numerous problems with pain and swelling after reapeted visits for this the VA scoped my knee almost 2 years ago but it never got better. They sent me to a specialist outside the VA who looked at my XRAYS and CT scan and after examining my knee said that my knee was internally rotated ( all the pain and swelling was a result of this and he felt that by doing a revision it would fix this ) when I went back to the VA the surgeon did not bother to read the other surgeon notes nor did he bother to exam my knee properly and pretty much told me there was nothing wrong nor was he going to approve the VA for paying me to have the other surgeon do the operation. His solution was pain meds and a nerve block another words a band aid. I felt that if 2 surgeons are in the same field they would at the very least have similar solutions not completely opposite of each other. I did have the surgery done this past MAY and I was topld everything is fixed from before. I am going to the VA for PT but as far as anything else knee related I will not ever see them for care regardless if I have to pay or not and yes the wait nothing happens over night it will sometimes take months or longer for them to do anything. This is just my experience I am also sure there are others who have had a better experience then mine.

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