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[QUOTE=Connie620;4309603]Hi W, I like have had almost constant swelling and redness since my surgery. I am now 12 weeks out. I am very disappointed that I'm not further along by now. I try not to compare , but it's hard not to at times. I am going to stop my extensions for a bit and see if that makes a difference. At 4 weeks out though I did exactly what the PT's said and I believe they helpedme a great deal.
I hope that you improve and take care !

Do any of you believe the weather has anything to do with the pain or swelling? I have heard that it does, but wonder.......
I had my surgery in November - a long time ago. I still have pain every day and yesterday it rained all day and I could barely move. I had that fall last month right on the knee, but the X-ray showed no damage. Then last week we had so much heat and humidity my ankle and lower leg blew up and looked like an elephant's leg. My Internist said to take two water pills for three days and I think that helped somewhat. Now I'm taking one a day to see if that will get it back to normal. No swelling on the knee ever. But I don't think I should be having this pain after such a long time and the doc says everything looks good. Well, not to me it doesn't feel good and it is so depressing after all of this time not to be able to do the things I would like.
The incision does not look bad, but it sure feels bad inside and outside.
Even in this heat I have been wearing the compression hose because I think I find a bit of support with them on. Will it ever end?

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