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[QUOTE=jennifer60;4311460]This is my 3rd week after total knee replacement surgery. I did not have any idea what was going to happen. I guess I thought I did but now I know that I have no idea.I went to the joint class before surgery, talked to different doctors, and read a lot about the surgery.I am very depressed about where I am in my recovery.I am still using the walker and having a lot of pain at night.I have PT at home right now and I dont think that is going all the well. I am at 96 on the ROM. I cannot get my surgery leg all the way striaght.We work on that each time the PT guy comes to my house.When I walk with the walker I am not walking the right way.I am trying not to get upset, but its really hard.I cry everyday and I am driving my husband nuts.I know it will get better, sometimes it just does not seem like it.[/QUOTE]


This is big surgery and we all heal at different rates. Frankly, I hadn't made anywhere near the progress you already have made at the same point in my recovery.

Give yourself a break! Your body is putting a lot of energy into healing and the drugs and surgery have probably really impacted your outlook. I do agree that they don't do a very good job of preparing you for the rehab.

I didn't keep a journal as I went through rehab but I will next time. It is really important to be able to see that you are making progress.

Try to keep in mind everything you will be able to do once the healing is done. It is very tough but the results truly are miraculous. My life has been transformed. I walk for miles and no longer have to turn down invitations because the location is too far or too hilly. I had forgotten how much joy there is in just being able to move.

One bit of advice...take it with a big grain of salt when other patients compare their progress to yours. I was young (54) and in good shape when I got this done but got really discouraged because older and frail people seemed to be recovering at a much faster pace than I did. It took a long time but ultimately I was the tortoise that won the race. I have far exceeded both my own and my surgeon's expectations as to how much range of motion I would be able to get.

The PT is tough so take the drugs before you go and keep checking these boards. There are some really great people here and they provide proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They will also provide assurances that you are far from alone in what you are going through.

All the best:wave:

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