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I started having knee pain five weeks ago. It began as a slight irritation in my right knee, which became more and more unpleasant as the days went by and soon spread to my left knee, as well. There was no trauma (like a fall) that I can remember, although I had been jogging on hard surface a lot the months leading up to this. I had also just come off five months of the drug Isotretinoin (Accutane). After about a week, I could no longer walk without pain. Soon, however, things began improving ever so slightly. I went and saw a doctor, he gave me NSAID's, which didn't really seem to do much, but things sort of gradually improved - very slowly! - on their own. Now, five weeks after first symptoms, I can walk okay, and even light jogging to catch the bus has become possible. Still, however, things are not all good, and my knees are definitely not fine.

What I'm really after, are helpful suggestions as to what's wrong with me. I'm going to another doctor on Monday - hopefully he won't just give me NSAID's, but actually do an x-ray or something like that.

My symptoms are these:
- Pain, stiffness and discomfort when straightening out the legs/knees. If I stand up straight, put my palms on my kneecaps and push them down and then use my leg muscles to raise the kneecaps with the additional weight of my arms on them, there's pain involved.
- Pain when walking (and moreso when running) - mainly just ABOVE the kneecap, but sometimes on the side of the knee, too.
- Diffuse mild ache (only recently) in my knee-area, especially when sitting with the knees in a 60-degree angle.
- Some crunching, popping and clicking sounds.

Other facts:
- The pain I experience when walking is like a stinging nerve-pain that comes around with movement.
- No real tenderness to touch, apart from what appears to be a small bruise on top of my left kneecap, but it does feel unpleasant if I massage the muscles just above my knee really hard.
- It doesn't really feel like there's actual pain INSIDE the kneecap, but I'm not sure what that would feel like. Maybe I'm interpreting my pain wrong.
- No swelling as far as I can see.
- No real stiffness in the morning or after periods of inactivity. In fact, the less activity, the better my knees are.
- No pain below the kneecap.
- I have good days and bad days, for no apparent reason, but mostly it's just a constant discomfort.

To summarize, it feels almost as if I've torn something just above the kneecap, and the pain sort of shoots straight through the knee and branches out in all directions. Anybody have any helpful suggestions?

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