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[QUOTE=jennifer60;4312400]I think I have made some progress this weekend.I have been working hard on my therapy, I have been doing some new things. I am still have a lot of pain at night. I am still have to fight depression. It might be because I was taking a lot of the strong pain killers. I am trying to just take something for pain at night. I was wondering if anyone else has trouble with depression while going though this.I guess its something that you just have to work though it and not give in, use your support team.:wave:[/QUOTE]

I had a knee replacement 3 years ago and would tell anyone---do you therapy every day, twice a day. I am not large so that probably helped, but my husband had me doing therapy with him from day 1 and I have really done great. Had a good doctor too helps. It hurts like the devil and grown men were crying the day after and the day after that too. but it does get better and soon you will be walking without pain. I never took anything but Darovcet n after the lst. day. It was the best surgery I ever had done (you don't think so for awhile) Good luck and know it does get better.

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