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Barb, have you ever checked to see if the sciatica is causing your knee pain? Depending on the level involved, it can cause pain exactly like the pain you'd get this far past surgery. I know my back can and does. Kept blaming the knees when it was the back....took my back getting much worse for me to finally figure it out. Check a dermatome chart to see if the problem you have lines up with where pain can occur. The sciatic nerve encompasses at least 3 levels of the lumbar spine(L2,3 and 4) so which ever one is the worst, will cause the most pain. Today I'm having L2 pain(outsides of thigh). L3 covers most of the knee in the front and sides but it's S2 in the back. I had surgery on both shoulders only to find out after wards that I still had the same pain...turned out to be my neck. I needed the shoulder surgery due to bad arthritis but was shocked to find the pain still the same level. Now the neck is fixed too and my shoulders feel great! Neck not so much.

Connie, the soft tissue structures around the implant will adjust to the size and weight. I felt like I was walking with weights on my knees. Took a couple years before I got used to the sensation and started to forget they were there. I also have titanium rods in my neck and I'll never be able to forget they are there so I'm glad the knees feel so much better. But it does take time for the bone to grow into the implant and the tendons and ligaments to stretch to fit the new length. I came out of surgery(both knees) 2 inches taller and had lots of stretching and growing to do and it took 2 years. Remember, you knee arthritis made the joint and your leg shorter and the new implant has restored that height. You may find you need longer pants when cooler weather comes. I had to get new shoes too as I no longer walked on the outsides of my feet. Finally had straight legs.

Putting in new knees changes everything from your center of gravity to if now walk on a different area of your feet. It is far more pronounced when they do both at once so you may not even be that aware of it. And it changes how your back is held and how it functions too. Helped my back. But it may worsen it for others. Can slow down the destruction of bad hips too.

Mechanically, it changes a lot throughout your entire body. And it takes a lot of time for the body to adjust. What is left hurting after a year should be checked to see if it's caused another problem to worsen. I know having my neck fused has caused problems with my lower back. But my knees helped just about everything.

It takes time to figure it all out.

gentle hugs............Jenny

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