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[QUOTE=jennifer60;4317262]I am :confused::confused::confused: at 4th week,after surgery. I have thought all long that I was not making the progress that I should. I had a PT person came to my house 3 times a week to work with me. We noticed right off the bat that I did not have entension in my surgery leg.We worked on it and he kept saying it was nothing to worry about it would happen.This past Friday was the last day of my pt at home. They sent another Pt person to my house, and he was totally upset that my extension was so bad, He said they never saw that.He put a call in to my doctor but it was late Frday, so I have not heard anything.I was was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this, and what they usually do. I am so worried and stressed.I do start outpatient therapy this week,[/QUOTE]


It sounds like your therapists are really watching out for you.

Please don't stress. Just keep working on the knee. I found that I could either work on extension or flexion in one session, but not both. They told me that it is more important to gain extension than flexion early in your recovery. Heating up the knee and thigh before therapy appointments helped me. Don't forget to take the meds before appointments.

When I went for my six week check up the surgeon was concerned because I was still 15 degrees short of full extension. At that point he gave me permission to get the joint wet so I spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi and also on an upright bike. Two weeks later the knee was able to extend fully. Progress was uneven. I made no progress for many days and then one day I gained 7 degrees of extension.

If your surgeon is not happy with your progress he may recommend that you get a manipulation under anesthesia. Cross that road if and when you get to it. I did end up getting that procedure because I didn't get back enough flexion. The procedure was a piece of cake. I was in and out of the hospital in about an hour and the knee made an incredible amount of progress after that point.

You've got enough on your plate without thinking about the "what ifs". We all heal in different ways and at different speeds. Your team is clearly watching you closely and if they feel that you aren't making enough progress they will discuss with you some interventions. My advice is to focus on the here and now and do not compare your progress to the progress being made by others. Instead keep your focus on the incredible way that your life will be transformed when the knee is healed. You are still quite early in the recovery process.

All the best:wave:

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