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Just a summary - maybe someone can relate:

33 y/o male, 5'7, 221 lbs. I did weigh over 250 last year. Goal weight is 175 and eventually I think I'll get there.

Knees - Right knee hurts when I climb stairs at times or when I sit a long time (like a long drive) relieved by extending my leg outward. Left is barely starting to have a slight bit of pain. Tender near patellae on right knee. Wife thinks it might be "runner's knee" but I don't run! I am, however, obese and have done a lot of heavy lifting (like carrying boxes of porcelain tile 400 feet from our horribly-placed parking lot to the condo, some stairs involved). Pain level might reach a "3" or "4" at it's worst in the right knee, but is around a "1" in the left knee. This has been off and on for 2 yrs. Seems that if my allergies (hay fever, just now kicking in for the fall season) act up or I have a cold, it gets worse.

Hips - sometimes I get a pain in one hip (can switch hips but never both at same time). This can reach a "3" or "4" but it's very infrequent and seems to pop up when I wake up in the morning. I've had this my whole adult life off and on maybe a few times every few months.

Ankles and feet - esp right but a little in the left. I do overpronate inward ("fallen arches") quite a bit so this might be involved. Mostly they hurt when I am barefoot or in socks walking on a hard surface. With shoes it depends on the shoe. The pain can be deep in ankle or, on the right foot, at the top of the foot mostly to the left. Also mild, infrequent tingling and numbness (never total numbness, more like the feeling of a string tied to the toe) in big and second toe on both feet and sometimes in the arch on the inside of the feet. Dx'ed with tarsal tunnel syndrome by neuro. Pain level at rest zero, might reach a "3" at worst in the right ankle, maybe a "2" in the left. I have some fading petichiae-like spots on tops of both feet but no new ones seem to be appearing. There is some visible minor swelling on the outside of each foot around the end of the outside leg bone (the area where the little round bone pokes out) which, ironically, is worse in the LEFT foot. Pain has been off and on for maybe 1 -2 yr and doesn't really get worse or better, just comes and goes.

Other places on my body:

Sometimes my right elbow or shoulder aches a bit when I do activity. Since March. Ortho called it tendinitis, and it did mostly clear up, but sometimes does come back.

Infrequent headaches. Whole adult life but they come in clusters - I'll get a bunch of moderate headaches (pain level 4 - 7) for a couple months, then almost none for a long period of time.

When I google symptoms, I get things like OA, RA, Fibro, Lupus, but in all those my symptoms, to me, seem too mild and nonspecific and the "other" symptoms generally don't show up.

I otherwise feel "OK" and this pain doesn't stop me from normal activity - my concerns are more based on whether it will get worse, and what else could be wrong.

My B12 and platelet counts are "low normal" (B12 407, Platelets 185) and everything else I've been tested for (electrolytes, RBC, WBC, others) have been pretty much smack dab in the middle of "normal" range.

Any ideas?

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