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Hi- I am a newcomer to this forum, so this is my first posting. I would like to hear from those of you who have experience of knee pain and surgery

I have been offered keyhole surgery for my knee problems, and the doctor has said that they will inject fliud and tidy up the edges by shaving it. During this appointment, I was questioned about the pain I felt in movement, to which I answered that it had started at the ligiment at the lower inside of knee, but that at the same time I felt something going on behind kneecap. but that now ( 5 monthes later) the pain is at upper inside of knee, behind kneecap, and at outerside of knee. And that the pain is worse up or down slopes . Those were the questions he asked me.

To be honest, I feel like a total idiot, because I didnt mention the area which pains me the most! That is when trying to sleep at night time, and the pain of bone grating on bone, at the inner side of my knee, and the wrenching pain of that entire area, when I turn, as it seems that the knee joint can't support the wieght of my lower leg. Hence I have had only a couple of hours sleep a night for 5 monthes, and am now a walking zombie.

so, I am hopeful that others of you have experienced the same thing, and can tell me whether they had relief, after the keyhole surgery?

as a general background:
I have went through the rest, hot and cold treatments, pyhsio, and now pain relief, which I avoided to begin with, but now in desperation, over the last couple of weeks, am taking, although it hasn't helped at the prescribed dosage, so I am taking double dosage, and still feel some pain, especially at night-time.

During these monthes, I have been told that i had torn a ligiment, and to come back for an ex-ray in 2 weeks if it hadn't improved. when i went back, i saw another doctor, who told me i wasn't helping it enough (I rested it totally for 9 days, and for the rest of the time after that , I did only the most necasary things) anyhow, he said I didn't need an x-ray. So I went away and another month passed. In desperation I went back to the doctor, (another one) who sent me for an x-ray. It showed that I had 2 fractures of the tibular plateau, and that it had dropped and rotated to one side.

I was then sent to a consultant, who sent me for an mri scan. I have now had a consultation, regarding the results, and have been told that my knee was not fractured, but that I have unussual knees !!! During my time of knee problems i have been told on the various occasions, and by various doctors, that I have a torn ligiment, a complicated injury or fracture and displacement, an old fracture, just arthritis, a fracture, and now- no fractures!

I am now totally lacking in trust, and feel I am being humoured or that i am not presenting my problem clearly enough. I am at my wits end, and actually afraid to go to the doctor to ask them to clarify what keyhole surgery will do, especially regarding the nighttime pain, which was not mentioned at the final consultation.

I should also add that i saw the x-ray images with the 2 fractures circled and arrowed, and i also saw the mri scan images, which had one image of what i think was the top of the tibula plateau, in which there were black lines all over the surface, like the branch of tree. ( I took this to be the fracture which was visable in the x-ray, and my personal feeling is that I did fracture my knee, but it has healed in the 5 ensueing monthes.

Prior to this experience, I have never had any pain or problems with my knees, and it originally started as i got off the sofa, after a week of strenuous activity involving a lot of side kicking, and also I had to hard falls onto my knee earlier on in the year. Another thing i should mention, is that my knee no longer looks the same as the other knee, and that the shin bone on the same leg has a lot of pain, and seems to be bowing out and a large lump half way down, which gets much bigger after I have walked for anything more that 15 minutes, but the doctor has said it is just a fatty lump. But I am concerned that it is connected to the knee problem, and if it is fatty, why does it fluctuate so much in size and pain??

Anyway, that is enough whining from me!! Please tell me of your experiences with knee trouble, and whether this scenario is just par for the course? Thanks for all of your patience in wading through all of this!

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